Phill alternates between writing, drinking coffee, and playing the saxaphone (badly) - not always in that order. He lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England with Sally, his wife and partner of more years than they can count.
Phill is the award winning author of a number of novels and short stories. Most are about young people and therefore get the YA tag, but they're enjoyed by readers of all ages, including retirees.
'Paradise Girl', Book 1 of Phill's REBOOT trilogy, is set in the northern hills where, amidst the majestic beauty of the rolling moors, a world pandemic consigns a lone young woman to a bleak future. In Book 2, 'Aftershocks', the twin brother of the heroine of Book 1 sets out to discover the truth behind the infection. REBOOT concludes with 'Jericho Rose'. By now the pandemic is over and it's time to rebuild. However, there are a selfish few who seek to exploit the situation for their own ends and this risks losing the little that's left.
Phill's fourth novel, 'The God Jar', is a tale of magic and mystery which straddles 16th century Europe and 20th century England. John Dee, Elizabethan sorcerer and mystic, finds a jar which he discovers has enormous powers. 400 years later it resurfaces when a pair of honeymooners come across it on a diving trip. But have they found the jar or has it found them?
In 'What Dreams We Had!' a group of young people on holiday in Italy are forced to confront uncomfortable truths about who they are and what's important to them, and to wonder whether anything they thought was real actually is.
'I Know What You're Thinking', is a thriller in which a pair of teenagers share the ability to see into each other's mind. When one of them disappears can the other use this gift to find them, and if they can what price must they pay?
'The Poisoned Garden' is the first in the LEOPARD'S BANE series, and tells the story of a pair of half-brothers who are compelled to compete for their father's favour.
Phill has also written a book of short stories, Undiscovered Countries. Download it free from