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Sensational political thriller A Mirror above the Abyss by Oleg Lurye.
From the Kennedy assassination to 9/11…
The novel Mirror above the Abyss is a sensational political thriller based on real and well-known tragic events and refuting the official versions. The intelligent action filled with facts and evidence appears to You. It proves that global events did not happen at all like it is generally understood.
So, Kennedy wasn't killed by Oswald, who had been framed in advance, but by a woman - a professional sniper who worked on an unusual order. The man who planned and carried out the September 11 attacks in New York was just one kilometer from crumbling skyscrapers. The assassination attempt on Pope John Paul was being prepared to hide billion bank scams, and the pontiff knew about it. These and other significant events of the last 60 years turn out to be interconnected, leaving the trail to a criminal syndicate ... from one person, and from him to the highest establishment and intelligence services of the United States and other countries.
In these times already, the "disappeared" archives belonging to those who died because of paying too much attention to the tragic events of September 11 end up with the American journalist of Russian origin Max Malin. Exciting events and mysterious coincidences, which many choose to forget about forever, lead the hero to dark shadows from the past. As a result of a complex and risky investigation, Malin discovers the perpetrators and mandators in the most remembered political assassination of the 20th century, the September 11 terrorist attack in New York, the assassination attempt on John Paul II, and the murder of a world-known banker. The novel is set in our time, and in parallel, it takes place in the days of the above horrific events - in 1963, 1981, 1999, and 2001. The book's ending is entirely unpredictable and shocking.
The characters and protagonists of the novel are real and recognizable persons - from great politicians, billionaires, ministers of the Vatican to leaders of national and world crime syndicates. Most are acting under their real names. Of course, there are fantasy characters, but they are the connecting links in the chain of events. Some of the names are encrypted and easy to guess.

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