Author Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell has worked as a teacher, counselor and consultant for decades. Her Master's and Doctorate degrees focused on autism. She has delivered workshops and seminars to thousands of participants including at national conferences. Her passion is helping young people who have autism to become as independent as possible.

She is the author of five novels, each portraying an autistic child. Soon, three nonfiction books will be added to the series, all focusing on autism.

When parents and teachers learn that a child has autism, they need knowledge and they need it fast. Dr. Mitchell's award-winning bestseller "Autism Goes to School" was written for such people - an entertaining story that's full of strategies and insight into autism.

One in fifty-nine children has an autism spectrum disorder and one in forty-two boys. Every teacher will have a child with autism in their classroom. Every coach will meet a child with autism. If autism has not touched your family, it will affect your friends or neighbors.