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Book Adaptations To Screenplay
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Take your novel to the next step with a book adaptation to a screenplay, where you can enter your film script into international screenplay contests for film producers to option your story and produce it as a film or TV series.


Book Luver offers authors and writers the chance to get their book adapted into a screenplay to place in front of our film producer judges in the Page Turner Screenplay Award. You get a free entry for that screenplay in our next Page Turner Screenplay Award and can use the screenplay to enter any screenplay or screenwriting contest.

Novels Adapted To Film

Having a novel adapted to a screenplay is a very costly business. Many experienced screenwriters working in the film industry will charge anything from £5k up to £20k to adapt a book.

We have been extremely lucky to find an experienced screenwriter who has retired from Hollywood and now spends his time helping screenwriters to enhance their scripts. He will adapt your book to a screenplay for you, and he can do it as a ghostwriter, so you take the credit for the script, or you can offer to give him a writing credit.

Either way, this is your chance to get your book adapted into a screenplay at an amazingly low price!

Claire Merchant had her book adapted to a screenplay and said this:

"Thank you for my book adaptation script. It's very surreal to read through my story in this format! It reads really well, and I'm really happy with it. Please pass on my thanks to the book adaptation screenwriter!

And Judy Lundquist said this:

The book adaptation screenwriter did a wonderful job of converting my book into screenplay form while having to condense so much story line. Very impressed with his talents!


Get your book adapted to script for £££s and $$$s cheaper than anywhere else!

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