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Win The Cypher Bureau by Eilidh Mcginness

Win The Cypher Bureau by Eilidh Mcginness - about the Polish mathematician who first solved Enigma - in our Christmas Reading Hamper.

The story of how the Enigma Code was first solved by Polish Mathematician Marian Rejewski. Rejewski, the secret hero of World War 2, first solved the code in 1932 with a little help from some documentation obtained by the French by espionage.

Operating in top secret, Rejewski and the codebreaking team at The Cypher Bureau decoded encrypted messages from Germany finally passing the secret to Bletchley Park just before the outbreak of World War 2. Forced to flee Poland the team operated undercover in France keeping just ahead of Gespato agents trying to track them down until…

The solving of the Enigma code was an achievement, which had been accredited with shortening the war by two years and saving thousands of lives.

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