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What happens when Berlin's premiere dominatrix trades her whip for a badge? She discovers she cannot escape her past. Elsa Kreiss enters the police academy, expecting her world to be safer for herself and her younger brother. Instead, it only becomes more dangerous!

A new case involving three missing girls pulls her mentor, Kommissar Joseph Heinz, back into the dark abyss of child abductions and human trafficking just as he realizes he’s in love with his partner. While he searches for a killer, Elsa fights her attraction to a sexy bad boy, Lukas Trommler. An art buyer at a local gallery, Lukas exudes culture with an edge of danger, yet there is more to the man than meets the eye. Trommler invites her into his world where she comes face to face with Yuri Ivchencko, one of the wealthiest men in the world with ties to the Russian mafia. When Elsa goes missing, Heinz abandons his current case to rescue his protégé. Doing so brings him face to face with a man from his past, the one he believes responsible for the cold case that haunts him still. The more he digs for clues to Elsa’s whereabouts, the more evidence is revealed linking the three missing girls to his own cold case.

The stakes are high as Heinz races to save the Elsa and to find the missing girls now at the mercy of a sadistic Russian billionaire—before it’s too late!

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