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A series of devastating attacks on London, spreading to the rest of the UK.

A hacker group with the terrifying ability to do whatever they want. Plunder bank accounts, cause chaos across the financial district and shut down every petrol station in the country.

GCHQ shut down and powerless to stop an unknown hacker group.

Police forces and security forces brought to their knees.

A race against time to stop a virus from spreading to the population.

When a series of devastating terror attacks rock the nation’s capital, a beleaguered government struggles to cope under pressure to restore order. As key systems are hacked and shut down, violence begins to erupt across the country.

In a bid to stop a terror group known as Dystopia, Detective Sergeant Samantha Drake is engaged in a deadly race against time. With the help of a computer hacker, Sam travels the length of the country to track down the terror group. Pursued by ruthless and vicious gunmen Sam must do everything in her power to stay alive and stop Dystopia from releasing a sophisticated virus infecting the population.

For journalist Alan Manning of the London Evening Examiner, his journey is just beginning. As he pieces together the evidence, he discovers the terrifying truth behind the attacks. An advanced microchip with the ability to control a person. A top-secret project stretching back nearly fifty years. A mysterious stranger with knowledge of Alan’s family legacy.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tessa Mayflower is engaged in a desperate bid to keep the country calm. Surrounded by enemies on all fronts she must deal with the latest threats and political backstabbers in her own government.

Dystopia is a fast-paced action thriller set in present day over a seventy-two hour period. Told from several different angles, Government, a police detective, a journalist, a radio show host and the news media.

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