Jason has always been fascinated by science and the unexplained. During the nineties he researched a lot of UFO sightings both in the UK and the Unites States of America. In 1995 he embarked on a road trip to the state of Nevada to learn the truth about Area 51.

Jason started to write in the early nineties. Articles for various UFO and paranormal themed magazines.

During his time as a UFO researcher Jason met some very interesting people, including a man who claimed he was part of a top secret group which Churchill ran during the 1950s. It was this encounter that inspired Jason to work on a book series which will span over fifty years and delves into the murky world of government conspiracies and classified projects.

Following in the spirit of TV shows like The X Files, Dark Skies and Stranger Things, The Angel Chronicles series will make you believe that anything is possible.

Jason is due to release his sixth book, Avalon Rising due out soon.