It's not surprising that Sue's writing draws upon the nature of the sea. Her father was a sea captain. She fondly remembers him telling stories of far away places, and mysterious and unfathomable events which he witnessed at sea. These stories captured her imagination, fostering a restless spirit, and desire for adventure.

In her youth, having studied dramatic art, she joined a touring theatre group. Following this she still had itchy feet and decided to explore different countries and ways of life. With her partner she trekked overland on a hazardous journey through the Middle East eventually entering India and making her way to Badrinath in the Himalayas where she contemplated the esoteric.

On her return to the UK she felt more settled and content, ready to take on a career and marriage. She lives on the Isle of Man, lured there by its beauty, Celtic culture and the ever transforming landscape of the sea. It has been a perfect place to raise a family. Sue's passion is to spend time looking out for the whales and dolphins which frequent its shores. She loves to cook exotic foods, enjoys walking and crafts. The Island and Island life is the inspiration for her debut novel 'The Blue Man'.
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