Marilyn L Rice (Lady M)

I am from Chilwell, Nottingham and entered this world on February 16th 1951. An Aquarian. I am definitely independent, forward thinking, creative, talented, humanitarian and unconventional. I am a farmer’s daughter. My early childhood memories are of the Nottinghamshire village, Syerston, where we lived until 1960 when we moved to Derbyshire. I enjoyed school and naturally loved reading and writing.

I passed the 11+ exam and attended the local Grammar School. Next stop. The Crewe College of Education, studying Divinity and Literature for 3 years. I obtained a Certificate in Education before attending the University of Keele and gaining a B.Ed. degree.

Life, people, cultures all hold a fascination for me. I enjoyed living in the fast lane, looking for adventure and gaining as many experiences as possible. I used the College holidays to take up employment for both money and experience. A waitress, a barmaid, a shop assistant, a baby-sitter and I even delivered the Christmas post!

In 1973 I began a teaching career in Secondary Education which lasted for twenty years. During those years, I married and, like so many of my contemporaries, divorced. I travelled, studied Leisure and Tourism, completed a writing course, worked as a p/t holiday hostess, and a market researcher.

Ill health forced early retirement from teaching and meant taking life at a steadier pace. I now spend a lot of time writing and reading. I learned that it was extremely difficult to get into mainstream publishing and decided to take the self-publishing route.

On my 50th birthday I proudly launched my first book Time & Tide in a West Bromwich Shopping Mall. No Regrets followed in May 2003. Then, Stay in Touch in 2005 and on September 16th 2007 at Slaithwaite in Yorkshire I launched my fourth work, Look After Each Other. On December 28th, 2010 Sofia’s Legacy followed, the sequel to Look After Each Other. Then, in October 2014 Love You Forever, the final book in the ‘Sofia’ trilogy. I launched that at the New Writers UK Book Festival in West Bridgford on October 25th 2014.

I am a member of The Society of Authors. I have exhibited at numerous book fayres and festivals including the prestigious Hay Festival and London Book Fair. My latest published work is The Singing Horses, based on a contest which I and numerous others entered.

During Covid I wrote The Covid Chronicles. They began on the first day of lockdown and continued until we had total freedom in the U.K., all restrictions moved from all areas and replaced with personal responsibility. They tell of how the pandemic was going, other international events, my private life and trips down memory Lane. I shared most of it with readers on social media and my blog.

Last year I was the Programme Manager for the new online Midlands Book Festival, Middleway Words. That was an exciting project and I am looking forward to this year’s festival. Last month I experienced the fruition of 18 months work organizing a school reunion for many of us from a photograph taken in 1960. It was a thrilling and exciting day for 21 of us who could make it. I may be 70+ but I am not over the hill yet. I love new and exciting projects.