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‘When Sam’s hit with a life-threatening illness, normality appears to be something of the past. After a rollercoaster of reactions, Sam discovers a better state of wellbeing. But in order to gain – a battle with her ‘Self’ begins. What or Who will win – Wellbeing or ‘Self?’

This journal is in three parts for 1998 – 1999 – and 2000. It combines autobiography and self help using chronic disease and wellbeing to uncover the crux of these states. It explores the influence of relationships with family, friends, partners and medical professionals with relation to health. It demonstrates how racism, sexism, alcoholism, mental health challenges and childhood experiences all have a place in our disease and wellbeing states. Experience and evidence form the strength and reliability of the messages conveyed.

The core of this reading is truth, change and acceptance, spurring us to explore our relationship with ourselves, others and the world. Whatever state you are in now - what's written in these pages will appeal to your mind, body and soul. You will be inspired regardless of your profession, race, age or sex - what is shared has no boundaries and nourishes our human spirit.

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