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"If you love fantasy, adventure, magic, and dramatic battle scenes you will love this novel by M.A. McComas." -Goodreads.com Review

The continent of Transcendence is fractured and segregated. It's races--long ago chased from their own world by humans--keep to themselves and live in isolation from each other. But for the first time in æons the future is beginning to brighten and hope for the continent's unification blossoms.

In Mystwood, Lethelas, prince of the elves, questions the veracity of his people's historical records and shakes off the xenophobia of his father. Down in Qaagire, Corguul, the youngest son of an orc chieftain, dreams not of slaughter and endless warfare, but instead of traveling the world and meeting the menagerie of peoples who inhabit it. And King Bræman of the dwarves sits his throne in Resonate Hall, aching to develop trade partnerships that will allow his people to showcase their labors across the land.

The unexpected, storm-blown arrival of High Commander Terrin Korsing and his fleet of humans, however, may jeopardize these hopes of unity.

But Eræn, the Ranger, charged with the care of the continent of Transcendence and all its peoples, has been working toward peace for too long to let it slip from his grasp now. He may be the only one with a chance to bring them all together despite their determination to erase each other from the land.

However, with a larger, darker storm looming to the south, intent on sweeping them all from the face of Transcendence, will he bring them together in time?

For generations the fantasy genre has been populated by a landscape of unique, carefully built worlds--worlds full of mythic and magical races. And in these worlds, humans are often presented as the newcomers, the younger race in a land they did not inherit. Authors often allude to a time æons past when humans first made their way to these lands, but readers are left pondering what that time looked like. What events brought the humans here? How did the races already inhabiting the land respond? What heroes and legends rose up out of the æther as a result? Start of the Storm is the first volume of a two-volume story in which readers are finally given this tale.

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Fantasy by M.A. McComas


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