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Is it possible for a woman to die in an accident, but not be dead, go to hell and need to escape?

Simone Roades is married to a struggling writer, Mitchell who neglects his wife and daughter causing Simone to stray and into the arms of a drug dealer who, when arrested, hangs himself. Driving her daughter Sara, to her Mother’s, Simone's car is shunted into an oncoming train. They should have died at the scene, but where are the bodies? Mitchell finds his wife and daughter in his kitchen with no memory of the accident, or any injuries. He finds they are outwardly dead, cold, with no pulse.

Mitchell meets a demon, Cochrane, who wants the two dead souls, but why? After visiting a medium, Mitchell and Simone discover the morbid truth about Cochrane.

Cochrane takes Simone and her daughter to hell. Simone now has to use all of her power to escape hell and take her rightful place, with her daughter and unborn child in heaven.

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Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here
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