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These are letters written to my heavenly child: the one I carried for a short time but never got to watch grow into the beautiful woman I knew she would be. As much as it is sharing a lifetime of memories with her, it is also about me finding the strength to heal emotionally. These letters will detail the events in my life I would have told her about had she been with me.
It is also a healing process for me. There will be details of childhood abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, and death. However, there will also be a story of love that breaks all barriers of time and space. This is also a tale of unconditional love and the strength of a woman that has seen and experienced so much that she bends from time to time, but she never breaks.
Read on to find out how Katherine and Calvin share a life full of love for each other and their children and how they face and cope with whatever challenges are thrown their way.
Infant Loss

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