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Jasmine, Book 5 of Planted Flowers Christian suspense series

Rejection. Danger. Reconciliation

Jasmine is unemployed, rejected, and divorced. She feels worn down by her ex-husband, her daughter won’t speak to her, her son broke his leg under her care, and his girlfriend’s dad is the only one she can confide in.

The only sanctuary left in Jasmine’s life is her Bible study. But when a mistake at a women’s shelter puts her life in danger, she doesn’t feel safe anywhere. How can she seek purpose and peace in her life with someone threatening her? Does she dare hope for reconciliation with her husband and children?

Jasmine is the fifth book in the Christian suspense series, Planted Flowers. Each of the women need to find a deeper relationship with God and they hope to build a network of support in the group. The trials and dangers they experience brings them closer to each other and to God, opening them up to the men in their lives.

Read how sweet Jasmine becomes a peacemaker and prayer warrior! Buy Jasmine now!

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