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Beta Readers

Beta Readers are reading angels! They play a vital role to help writers and authors to get their novel ready to send to publishers and agents or for preparing to self-publish.

Beta Readers also help new writers to get an unbiased opinion on their work, along with helping your story development before it reaches an agent, publisher or mass readers if you're self-publishing.

You can get your work into the hands of reliable Beta Readers who will read your manuscript from start to finish with the eyes of an average reader, and they will offer you critical feedback on story, character, plot, pacing and dialogue. They may also find glaring grammatical issues, or continuity errors and even make comments on what readers in your genre make like or dislike about your novel.

Beta Readers Are Not Family Or Friends

A few of your friends and family may have opted to read your work, but they may take ages to report back to you, and when they finally get it in your hands, their feedback isn’t very helpful. That's because they're your family and friends, and they love you. They don't want to hurt your feelings by giving you the truth. They know the truth always hurts, so they will be kind and tell you that your novel is fantastic.

Don't rely on that kind of feedback.

Beta Readers Do

  • Read your manuscript from start to finish through the eyes of an average reader
  • They offer critical feedback on story, character, plot, pacing, dialogue
  • They point out any continuity issues or plausibility errors
  • They may comment on the genre or grammatical mistakes

Beta Readers Don't

  • Do line editing
  • Copy editing
  • Check facts or historical events
  • Professional editing

Book Your Beta Readers

Book Luver offers you the chance to connect with Beta Readers. You are not paying Beta Readers to read your work! You are paying for us to promote your work to our huge list of avid readers, who will give you the kind of feedback you need to help you fix mistakes and enhance your writing before it goes any further.

Make your booking now.


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