Virginia grew up in the wilds of Ohio where she explored the wild hills in between the earth movers, bulldozers, and backhoes, all of which, by the time she was 18, had wiped everything out in favor a sea of new homes that went on forever. Her home became an ad hoc wildlife rehabilitation center. Growing up this way plunged her into a permanent bad mood only to see it going on incessantly when she grew up and moved to California. Does the human primate HAVE to do this? Why does the human primate do these things? Following her despair and hopelessness, she went on to get two degrees in botany and field biology. Yes, she has a Masters degree, IN SCIENCE!

She continues to fight the hopeless fight, for the trees, native wildflowers, clean air, clean water--battling her own species to keep the planet habitable for her own species is nothing less than a bizarre and continually depressing experience. She finds refuge in writing and unlike the real world, sometimes the earth gets saved in the end, she likes happy ecological endings. She also has quite the sense of humor and she enjoys combining the intense with the wacky. Grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy then go out and save something in your own neighborhood.