Hi! I'm Liz. I have a stupid haircut and I write speculative fiction about young women who make questionable decisions. I live on a sailboat with my boyfriend and my dog. We're on a mission to sail around the world, and I'm turning my real-life adventures into YA Sci-Fi books!

My debut series The Thalassic Tetralogy is about two friends who are forced to undertake an arduous sailing voyage in a near-future dystopia destroyed by climate change and pandemics. Along the way, they fight pirates, run from a shadow government, overcome mental health issues and addiction, find their places in the world and (yes) fall in love.

I write about sailing because it helps me process my own sailing experiences. I love incorporating the incredible, beautiful, fascinating places and people we encounter into my work. I write about characters who struggle with addiction and mental health because these are things I have struggled with. I write about the immigrant experience because I grew up as an immigrant. I write about climate change, pandemics, and the apocalypse because...honestly? It's more fun to read about those things in a book than to watch them happening all around you. I write about pirates because...well, pirates. Duh.

When I'm not writing about the impending apocalypse, I code or write about code. You can also sometimes find me doing yoga, walking my dog, singing, or watching Taskmaster.