As Warren Buffett has said, “if I could have any superpower... it would be to read faster.” There is so much amazing literature out there and most people are unable to read all the books they want. Go BOOKS has made it a mission to deliver top-quality summaries so individuals thirsty for knowledge can access the material faster.

Go BOOKS offers an in-depth look into some of the most popular and informative books of the last two decades. Whether you are using these books as a study guide, reference material, further connection to the original book or simply a way to retrieve the content and material faster... Our goal is to provide value to every reader.

All of us at Go BOOKS believe that reading is such an essential part of growing and developing as human beings. There is So much amazing information and knowledge to be gained from books. Our summaries are perfect to acquire that knowledge from the books that might not make your reading list. Our founder is a voracious reader! And, although he still reads 2 to 3 full-length books a month... he wanted to find a way to gain the knowledge from other great books that he didn’t have time to read.
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