The most challenging part of any author's life isn't writing the stories, it's writing the bio, and I'm no exception.
I've been writing for more years than I want to remember and recall and have been doing most of it in science fiction. My earliest work still extant is a vampire/time travel novella called Refuge which my wife claims is her favorite of all my stories.
Recently I have been writing about Aiyana and Kendra Cassidy. Their universe is called The Cassidy Chronicles, which is currently sitting at four novels in the main sequence (The Artemis War series), a prequel, a memoir written by Kendra, a collection of stories, and a spin-off series. In 2023 I hope to release another collection and the second book in the Ghosts of Tantor series.
My wife and I live in Southern Colorado, within view of Fisher's Peak and the Spanish Peaks, with five dogs, five cats, and a terribly overworked Roomba.
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