Kevin Pereau is a leading digital health expert and author of "The Digital Health Revolution" and "It Takes a Village".

He spent the early part of his career managing strategy and management consulting firms with a specialty focus on technology. His first health technology company was a consumer health scoring firm who’s mission was to provide longitudinal context around how what we do and how we feel affects who we are. “You can’t manage, what you don’t measure” is something Pereau is fond of saying and for that, you need a scoring system.

From there, Pereau founded one of the most influential boutique consulting firms in healthcare. He serves on the advisory boards of LifeData and HealthSaaS and speaks at healthcare conferences where he also moderates panel discussions.

Pereau is probably one of the most connected people in healthcare. He has consulted to variety of digital health companies ranging from population health & tele-health solutions, marketplace and consumer transparency tools to predictive analytics engines. He likes to describe the industry as being on the cusp of the most exciting time ever; a world of connected health where sick-care, meets healthcare and data can be shared with any stakeholder in our healthcare value chain.