Dana Lyons Stories no one else could write!
That's a big statement, and it's true! I write speculative fiction, paranormal romance, time travel, crime mystery, and suspense with a unique twist. I have full-length novels, novellas, and short stories, all in ebook and most in paperback. I even have one book translated into Italian, and another book in audio.
My logo is the phoenix rising from the ashes, a theme you'll find in all my writing. I give you characters who are individuals with internal and external challenges, distractions and insurmountable obstacles. I love putting my characters into crisis, in order that they destroy the old and create something new. I like to say I crack my characters open to see what's inside ... just the way life does real people.
Stories no one else could write comes from my perspective built on a little science, a little fantasy, a little creativity, a little imagination, and a lot of dare. The world of Dana Lyons can be modern FBI with a dose of sci-fi, reverse harem, and crime solving. Or steamy time travel with my next release, Escape from Solara. I explore reincarnation with reunited lovers, and time travel back to the age of Stonehenge. Or the eternal battle of light versus dark with a dash of drones, tracking chips, alien ancestors, and an unearthly language revealing ... oops, I almost said too much.
The human condition is a wonderful place to play. If any of this sounds good to you, come on by the World of Dana Lyons.

My Favourite Genres