Former real-life Detective Sergeant and award winning author pulls no punches in his gritty crime series.
The first in the series - The Marriott family are slaughtered in their own home. Daughter Faye is not as innocent as first thought. A police officer calls 'One Oblique One' which is the police code word for 'sudden death.'
Former college students find their group dying off - six are left one is the killer and one the next to die.
A young girl is found dead at Nottingham's Goose Fair. DI Stark closes in on the killer when another girl goes missing.
It is Christmas time - a time for killing - why does he insist on tormenting the women first? Death comes close to home for Stark.
Single mum Jane Cooper becomes the target for gangsters. She is isolated and they abduct her. Only one man can find her - DI Dave Stark.
A psychopathic killer selects his victims at funerals. He violates and torments his victims right up until he takes their lives. DC Steph Dawson gets too close to the maniac.