We are really excited to be launching our new-look Book Luver website.

It will give readers the chance to engage much more with authors, and for authors to get far more visibility to your books. You will also have the chance to see how many readers have viewed your books, and how popular your books are, plus see them in their genre amongst other similar books.

Here's a list of what is new on the new-look Book Luver site:

  1. More visibility for your books
  2. See your books with others in their genre
  3. Genre books are listed in order of their views, so most viewed books are on top
  4. See how many readers have viewed your books - check this under the book cover or in the genre view*
  5. Add a book trailer to your books
  6. Add an author blog for Book Luver readers to see what you blog about
  7. Show off your book's imagery by adding an Author Album
  8. Become a Featured Author
  9. Ask readers to review your books in our Review Requests
  10. Get new readers by offering them a free sample chapter
  11. Entice readers by showing them that your book is similar to other books in your genre
  12. Visible sharing of your books (and freebies, review requests, blogs, albums)
  13. Sharing to WhatsApp - YAY!
  14. Add extra details to your books, see below.

* If you want more book views and thus rise in our genre views and most popular books, you can share your Book Luver book's link with your readers and followers, and ask them to visit your page to view it and like it. Thus, rising in the viewing priority. The more clicks and likes to your books, the more it rises in popularity on Book Luver. Some books already have 4 or 5 thousand views.

New Details you can add to your books:

  • Subtitle
  • Teaser text
  • Book Trailer video link
  • Awards the book has won
  • Character or Plot Driven story
  • Series title and link to the series on Amazon or bookshop
  • Free Reader Magnet books
  • Free sample chapters
  • Author Albums

Find out more about adding or editing your book's details.