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A cursed witch.
A vampire on his last mission.
A love that must defy the odds to survive.

As one of the oldest vampires to walk the earth, Finn O’Malley has lived long enough and is now ready to put an end to it all, to seek solace in oblivion. Just as he makes the decision to disappear, the only woman who ever stirred his curiosity, and the one woman he should avoid, calls for his help.

Witch Violet Shaughnessy knew becoming involved with a vampire was the last thing she should do, especially as her parents had been murdered by one. There was something about Finn O’Malley that called to her though, and she couldn’t keep away, even giving him her blood to save his life. Through darkness and despair, her magic cursed, and good and evil fighting for dominance inside her, Violet reaches out to Finn through their blood connection, knowing he’s the only one that can save her.

With the clock ticking, Finn and Violet work to defeat the unseen and unknown foe that condemned Violet, only to discover they are stronger together than they are apart. With their lives on the line and pulled into a world of dark magic, Finn is confronted with all the reasons he longed for death, while Violet makes him realize there may be one thing powerful enough to save them, and give him the will to live after all—love.

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