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Three countries. Two cousins. One dark secret, a killer will do anything to bury.

Orphaned, naïve, and Jewish, Sadie holds her designer dreams close when the Nazis rise in Bavaria.

After a terrifying attack that shatters her innocence, she is forced into a life of secrecy to escape pursuit.

Yet, a life shrouded in the disguise of a different faith will not be enough. Against the backdrop of the deadly war in Europe, she has to protect herself when a ruthless killer hunts her and everyone she loves.

With only her dressmaking skills, Sadie must find her inner resistance fighter if she is ever to reclaim her family and dreams.

From Paris to New York, the killer will stalk her… threatening to destroy the fabric of her life until hope can prevail.

Finding the truth on Madison Avenue can set her free… if she can only survive that long.

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March 20th, 2022 12:00 AM