TikTok Training Boot Camp For Authors And Writers


We are so excited to be announcing a TikTok Training Course for Authors, Writers and Screenwriters.

TikTok is now officially the secret weapon for writers and authors to sell books! Find out how authors are going viral with BookTok. TikTok helped fuel the largest year for book sales in over 15 years.

US readers alone bought over 821,000,000 print books in 2021 and that is largely due to the sub-community called BookTok.

The hashtag #Booktok has received almost 70 billion views. Bookstores have included #BookTok shelves to appeal to readers, which can also be found in most Barnes and Nobles.

Our TikTok trainer built her BookTok following to more than 130K in a year while she was writing her book. You can do the same! More about our trainer when you join the course, and you will get to meet her under our monthly mentorship options. We can't wait to share this TikTok Training Course with you.

You will have the chance to see:

  • how to set up a TikTok account
  • how to use it to grow a platform of followers
  • what kind of video content to post on TikTok or Book TOK
  • plus, how to get ideas to have your videos go viral.

And we have a monthly mentorship where you can join monthly meetings to troubleshoot why your videos aren't working or to share what made one of your videos go viral.

But if you are a techno-phobe and can't bear to be on TikTok, no worries, we have something for you too. A managed account service where our TikTok trainer will manage your TikTok and create videos for you and even post them for you in your account. Best of all, this course is for authors who don't want to rely on paid advertising to promote and sell their books. YAY!

More details can be found here:

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Please be aware that there will be limited places on this TikTok monthly mentorship for authors. When the places are all taken, we will close this offer.

Author Training Boot Camp Option

If you would like to access more author training courses, this option includes:

  • TikTok Training for Authors
  • Book Marketing for Authors Boot Camp, which covers12 training sessions,
  • Character Creation Workshops

To have access to all of these author training courses, you may want to select the Author Training Boot Camp option in the drop-down selection.

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