Book Luver Relaunch Celebration Promotion

The team at Book Luver are celebrating our 5th anniversary by relaunching our new-look reading community.

Join Our Celebration Book Promotion

To celebrate the relaunch of our Book Luver website, and the fact that it is five years old this year, we are running a celebration promotion that we will be advertising to half a million readers across several advertising campaigns.

Last year, we did a similar promotion and many of the participating authors received more than 3000 new reader subscribers.

Great book covers and book descriptions get high reader engagement.

If you would like to promote one or more of your books, you can join our celebration promotion. Here's how it will work:

What You Do

  • You paid to join the promotion
  • You add your book to Book Luver
  • If you need help doing this, our Book Butler can assist you
  • You don't need to do anything other than that unless you go for our Swap and Share Options

What We Do

  • We promote the page on Book Luver to our 80K reader subscribers
  • We advertise the Celebration Promotion through various consumer mailings
  • To encourage readers to come to our Celebration Book Promotion, we are giving away a Kindle Fire, hundreds of books, Amazon vouchers and lots of other prizes.
  • We will promote and advertise this book promotion from mid-April until the end of May.

Dates and Deadlines

The promotion will run throughout May and June and the books will remain on the giveaway page thereafter.

Therefore, the deadline will be next week, so we can start preparing the promotion.

Swap and Share Options

If you would like to receive a free slot in our newsletter (worth £30) you can opt to share the promotion to your reader subscribers. You don't have to do this as part of the Celebration Promotion, but if you do, and we get proof of your sharing, you can claim a free newsletter slot in any newsletter from just after the promotion until the end of the year.

Bronze, Silver & Gold Authors Free Inclusion

Bronze, Silver and Gold Authors get free inclusion into this promotion, and all Book Luver promotions. We do at least three BIG promos each year and if you are a Bronze, Silver or Gold Author, you automatically get a free insertion into each promotion.

If you order three separate book promotions, it will cost you a minimum of £30 each, £90 in total. Yet for £30 more (Bronze Author Package £120) you get three book promotions included, plus more book marketing activities over a twelve-month period, such as promoting your Reader Magnet, promoting sample chapters and more.

Find out how to become a Bronze, Silver and Gold Author to get this book promotion FREE.

Optional Extras

Boost your book's visibility by choosing from these options:

  • You can choose to showcase 1,2 or 3 of your books. Select which option from the dropdown below.
  • Additionally, you can choose to have your book at the top of the top. This is limited to 1 book per author to give lots of authors the chance to show at the top of the page. There is only space for 10 books, thus the first ten authors selecting this option get these slots.
  • You could also opt for a rotating top mast banner, but there are only 5 of these slots available. You get one banner advert design, with one change request. If you want more, there will be extra charges that go to our designer for that.
  • There's also the option to have your book shared to our social networks and 90K Facebook groups.
  • Or you can have your book sent to one of our genre groups of your choice, all of which vary between 10 and 20K newsletter subscribers.
  • Our Book Butler service offers help to our authors' to get their books listed on Book Luver.


Total Amount