Our Banner Ads Will Generate Clicks and Interest in Your Book Throughout the site.

Book Luver offers book banner adverts. Here's how it works:

  • Make your payment below by choosing which banner ad position you want
  • Watch for the confirmation email with a link to claim your ad slot on our website 
  • You must complete that booking form, so we have all your book's details to design your banner and add it to the slot you want
  • We design your advert with the info but don't worry if you don't have graphics because we can get those for you, which is included in the price
  • Each design will be bespoke to you and the theme or genre of your book
  • We showcase your chosen ad banner slot on the website
  • Your book will be prominently displayed in front of our readers

They're dead keen to hear about new books!

See our Banner Ads In Action

Here are some examples of designs we did for authors who are advertising their books on Book Luver.


See these banners in action on our non-fiction genre page.


See these two banners in action on our historical fiction and thriller genre pages.

Please note:

  • Having paid for us to design your banner, you can use them anywhere on the net and on your own website.
  • You can select the optional extras shown below to have your banner shared
  • The option to include your banner advert in the reader's dashboard is only available if you are choosing another 1350 banner size because the reader's dashboard slot only fits this size.


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