Lucy Appadoo - Web Of Lies

A gifted doctor. A caring detective. A chance to capture a serial killer, hell-bent on destroying them.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jamie Porcellin struggles with the death of a young, teenage patient too gravely injured to save. When her father is arrested for murdering her patient, Jamie’s whole world crumbles around her. As more teenage girls are found dead, Jamie uncovers old family secrets. Sparks fly when she meets Angelo Ricci, the new detective investigating the gruesome murders.

As Jamie is targeted by an unknown stalker resurfaced from her past, a series of events leads her to the twisted truth which makes her question her own life.

Can Jamie and Angelo stop an organised serial killer from destroying more lives?

Web of Lies is the third romantic suspense book in the Friends In Crisis Series. If you like fast-paced romantic suspense, sensual love scenes, and scary villains, you’ll love the latest book in Lucy Appadoo’s page-turning series.