Book Luver For Authors


Do you often wish there was an alternative to Pinterest that is focused on books and readers?

And what about a friendly alternative to Goodreads?

There is!

Pinterest For Book Luvers was created more than a year ago and we have been building our mailing list with advertising promotions. The site now has 72.5K readers on the mailing list and growing all the time.

Having ONE place for authors to showcase their books in the same place where readers are talking about books is an incredible source for creative authors. You can get inspiration for almost any way of getting your book in front of new readers.

Link Exchange

After several requests I am open to the idea of promoting review requests to Book Luver's subscribers in the format of a NL swap.

In other words, I share your review copy link to my readers (currently at 73K with different genre lists) in exchange you share my link to your readers.

In the past my readers have been responsive and love getting review copies and leaving their reviews plus they are always keen to know about book offers.

Please note that this is not a paid-for service. Instead, it is a free exchange between authors. No money involved.

If you'd like to participate, please find out more about a link exchange.

How To Use Book Luver

Authors can join the site to add their books, but the beauty of the site is that - like Pinterest, you can use 'boards' to showcase any aspect of your book.

For example, create a board for a new book to reveal the covers, show off your book trailers, show things that inspired your writing. You can feature all of your most exciting book reviews in image format.

So you can add all your promotional items on one board, plus show other 'non-selling' images in other boards which will encourage readers to engage with you and follow your boards.

When they do, each time you add a new pin they are sent a message with the link to your new pin. This encourages readers who follow you to see new and interesting things you are saying.

Find out how to add your books to your boards on Book Luver.

How To Get Onto Our Home Page And Into Our Newsletters

As Book Luver is a social media sharing platform for readers to share books they love, Book Luver will be looking out for the most talked about boards.

The most popular pins - with the most comments and views - are showcased in our popular section and pins with the most views and most comments land on our home page. They show all the engagement you're getting and encourage new readers to follow you!

Every time a reader comments on your book, you will get a notification so you can engage with them directly where your book is featured. That way other readers see how you are engaging with readers. Kudos!

And it's free to join with no costs to adding pins or boards.

Social media all in one place! And the most creative boards get showcased in our newsletter!

Board Ideas

Add boards for whatever is best to promote your books. Here are some ideas:

  • Your favourite books
  • Your favourite authors
  • Images or articles that inspired writing your book
  • Book Trailers
  • Book Cover Reveal
  • Book Reviews

How To Get Readers To View Your Boards

Once your profile is complete and your boards look stunning, use some of these ideas to promote your boards:

  • Ask your readers to come along and comment on the pins on your board
  • Ask them to share the posts they like the most
  • Tweet your board links
  • Share your boards on Facebook

As Book Luver is a social media sharing platform for readers to share books they love, Book Luver will be looking out for the most talked about boards.

Book Promotions

You may want to check out our regular book promotions and other ways you can have your book featured on Book Luver. While the site is growing, there is no cost for this.

We have BIG plans and aim to create a social sharing site for book luvers where readers and authors unite. Why not join us while we are young and growing. One day we will be a BIG player too!


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