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Book Luver For Authors

Book Luver is for readers to share their favourite books.

Find out various ways that you can promote your book on Book Luver.

Find out about our various publishing services for authors and book marketing services for authors.


Free To Use Book Luver

Book Luver - Free To Add Your Books

Authors can join the site to add their books, but the beauty of the site is that - like Pinterest, you can use 'boards' to showcase any aspect of your book.

For example, create a board for a new book to reveal the covers, show off your book trailers, show things that inspired your writing. You can feature all of your most exciting book reviews in image format.

So you can add all your promotional items on one board, plus show other 'non-selling' images on other boards which will encourage readers to engage with you and follow your boards.

When they do, each time you add a new pin they are sent a message with the link to your new pin. This encourages readers who follow you to see new and interesting things you are saying.

Free To Add Books On Book Luver


Book Advertising

Book and Author Social Media Advertising By Book Luver

Authors need to get known online to gain traction, brand awareness and revenue from book sales. This is where we come in, helping you advertise on social media through tried and tested conversion advertising techniques to help you gain more sales. 

How does it work? 
- You make our standard flat rate setup fee booking 
- We then work with you on a total advertising budget (IE your ad spend and what you pay directly to Facebook to advertise) that will give you the most impact on ROI. We advise nothing lower than £50/100 all the way up to £3/400 for your advert spend as this will get you the best results for your money investment. 
- Your advert is then set up (by an industry professional who's advertised for numerous years with top global companies), targetted to locations, age, interests and what best suits your book's audience. This helps generate what we call 'warm-based leads' which will help with higher conversion, getting you more 'bang for your buck' thus increasing ROI from your advert spend. 
- Your advert is closely monitored whilst it runs, applying any/all tweaks along the way to help its performance.
- Once your advert is finished, we send you a full breakdown report of the results and also give some feedback on what we can perhaps do better in future to increase these results. 

What do we need from you? 
- We will need your Book cover artwork (around this we create the advert and some suitable artwork for the advert) 
- We need your book URL's or preferred selling platform, so we can enhance a one click-through strategy for a better user/purchase journey 
- We will need your books theme, audience and all other information you know would help us set up the best possible advertising campaign 
- We will need your total advert budget and this paid to us, which then gets paid directly through our business advertising account to Facebook

Book and Author Social Media Advertising From Book Luver


Book Cover Design

Professional Book Cover Design Packages For Authors and Writers

 Are you in need of a professional-looking book cover designed, but not sure where to do it? Look no further, we can help you and all at affordable prices too.  

How does it work? 
- You give us all your books information, such as theme, title etc 
- We then create your eBook or full book cover artwork for you
- We then work with you on finalising it so its best fitted to what you envisioned 

Book Your Professional Book Cover Design Packages For Authors and Writers


Book Cover Vote

Book Cover Voting For Authors and Writers On Book Luver


To help authors find the most compelling book cover which readers will love and want to read, Book Luver offers a Book Cover Vote Service for authors. We can promote your Book Cover Votes on our site and in our newsletters by showcasing a selection of your cover, such as the one in the image shown above.

Book Luver can promote your Book Cover Votes on our site and in our newsletters. We can also take it one step further and host your Book Cover Vote by placing it on our site, advertising it in our newsletter, capturing emails for your book launch or pre-order notice and then following up with those readers who sign up and giving them the pre-order link to encourage book sales.

Book Cover Votes For Authors & Writers On Book Luver

If you need a book cover designed, please see our Book Cover Design Packages above.


Book Trailer Marketing

Book Trailers are a fantastic way to show off your novel’s story in visual imagery. A professional book trailer will promote your fiction or non-fiction book by grabbing your readers visually and hooking them with high-quality images and music-themed to your genre.

What do you think of my Book Trailer for Flying Without Wings? Would a visual like this hook you into reading my historical thriller? If you like it, please leave a comment below the video.

I'm really excited to be joining forces with my videographer son to offer authors Book Trailers at affordable prices. If you need a video for any of your books or future books, check out these value for money packages.

Professional Book Trailer Video Packages From Book LuverProfessional Book Trailer Video Packages From Book Luver



Free chapters or a free Reader Magnet book is a great way to build a mailing list plus for introducing readers to your writing. You give away a small token of your writing and ask the reader to sign up to get the free download link. They read your free chapters or free book, like it and then buy other books in your backlist.

WHAM! You've hit 2 birds with 1 stone. You have a new reader who likes your books, plus they are now on your mailing list to hear about future books.

Book Luver's second most visited page is our Freebies page so we are now offering authors the chance to feature their book on this page by offering a free book or free chapters via a download link listed on the book.

I don't have a freebie Reader Magnet book, but I have built my readers subscriber list rapidly by offering sample chapters of all my books and new readers sign up to get the sample chapters.

Find out more about our freebies packages on Book Luver 


Book Fans - Similar Books

Another book marketing activity I have had success with is promoting my book as 'similar books' to other authors who write in my genre or with stories similar to mine via their book titles.

Readers are always on the hunt for new books to read, either by similar books to the ones they love or by finding authors who write similar genres and stories.

If you'd like to explore this book marketing option, we will create a post according to the information you provide. Once complete with a graphic design image that we will create, we will send you a page proof for you to approve before we make the page public.

When ready, your post will appear in our Book Fans section.

Learn More About Book Fans Marketing On Book Luver


Personal Branding Photography

Book Luver Author and Writer Personal Branding Photography

Advertise Yourself!

Sell yourself as an author or writer with professional & creative personal brand photography.

We all know, first impressions really count and your photos are the first thing that people will see when they land on your website or your social media profile. So what do you want them to say about you and your brand?

Without knowing the real you visually, how are people or businesses meant to work with you? By taking professional imagery of what you do,  you can showcase who you are visually. Most importantly, professionally within seconds!

Book Your Professional Website Build For Authors and Writers Through Book Luver


Promote Your Giveaway

Book Luver Promotions and Giveaways For Authors and Writers

Over the past few years, our Giveaways page has become the most visited page. Readers love to get books and book-related gifts. Often the winners are shocked yet delighted they have won the giveaway prize. We run these every month and we can work with you to do a giveaway specially for your book and genre. Or if you have a book promotion we can promote it for you.

Please send details below:

Learn More About Promotions and Giveaways On Book Luver 


Full Author & Writer Website Solutions

Over the past few years, we've had numerous requests from writers and authors, asking what we can recommend as the best solutions for an author or writer website.

As we have an in-house graphic designer working on our Book Cover Designs and our Book Trailer Marketing Book Trailers, the natural next step would be to offer writers and authors a custom-built author or writer website.

And at affordable prices!

Our website design team are experts in their fields, and also ratted top 3 within the Berkshire and Hampshire areas in the UK for web design. So, rest assured you will not only get a beautiful, modern website, but one that is safe and created bespoke to you as an author or writer needing a website to showcase your writing and books.  

So, what do I get? 
- Full website build packages available (basic and premium).
- A DEV site to watch us (and work with us) building the site with double password protection log in.
- A FREE professional website theme that will be tailored to you, and your author branding or book theme.
- Hosting setup and Domain mapping (you will need to pay separately for these services) but we can help you on how and where to go to be hoted online.
- User and marketing call to actions set up around the whole site to ensure higher conversions.
- Book online store for direct website purchases (only available on the premium package).
- Pictures, videos and content added (we'll need some help with this from you).
- Full Site SEO, meta-data, alt tagging and all the bits you'll need to get found by search engines.
- Clever Plugins and on-page designs for better site usability, data capture, security and much more.
- CSS (custom style sheet) meaning we can brand and apply colour anywhere on the site.
- A month's FREE website maintenance.
- Plus much, much more!

Book Your Professional Website Build For Authors and Writers Through Book Luver


Publishing Service

Book Luver is excited to be launching a new service to help writers and authors to get their books published through our expertise in publishing and book marketing. Please watch this space for more details soon!

Or if you can't wait and are dead-keen to know more, drop us a line via the button below and we'll let you in on our secret.

Learn More About Promotions and Giveaways On Book Luver


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