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Boot Camp on how to adapt books to screenplays

Learn how to adapt your book into a screenplay with our Book Adaptation To Screenplay Boot Camp.

If you are preparing to enter the 2022 Screenplay Award or for any other screenwriting contest or screenplay award with a book adaptation, you need to ensure you have several crucial elements in place so the reader-judges will be hooked on your submission and award you top marks. And possibly even option your book adaptation to produce your story as a film.

Join our Book Adaptation To Screenplay Boot Camp, which will be run as a Virtual Writing Retreat over five consecutive days.

Why Attend?

Screenwriting is a fascinating challenge, because a screenplay, whether for a feature film or a television series, has wildly different meanings to different people.

Starting from writers and co-writers, then moving on to editors, show runners, script coordinators and coverage readers. When directors, producers, production assistants, sound departments, prop departments, and actors get involved, they all have different visions is to give the story their full experience to make the story the best it can be. Authors and writers may visual the story when writing, but to see it turn out into something extraordinary on the big screen is a sight to behold.

Your dream can transform into something worthy of being up there on the big screen. Don't let it evaporate and wither away. If you sincerely believe you have a great story to tell, and you can 'see it' in your mind as a moving, living, breathing film, you should start learning how to transfer that story into your head onto a script so that it becomes a screenplay that film producers will fight to produce.

Most importantly, Netflix has begun the search for screenwriters and authors who have adapted their books to screenplays. Netflix is pushing big money, BIG, BIG money behind their new initiative, which will see millions going into setting up screenwriting rooms across the globe.

Writers from all corners of the world are being sought to show Netflix their range of writing from film to television series, and including intriguing casts of characters.

Stories with authentic and original stories of all genres and across all ages, races, cultures and religions are open to discovery by the Netflix team of story-hunters.

Netflix has several ways of finding these stories.

Who Should Attend?

  • Authors, writers and screenwriters with a great story to tell
  • Screenwriters just starting out in their screenwriting journey who want to understand screenplay techniques
  • Screenwriters targeting literary agents to possibly represent their writing for a book adaptation script
  • Screenwriters entering contests who want to impress a film producer looking for book adaptations to produce
  • Established writers and authors who can 'see' their novels on the big screen and want to learn how to write their story as a screenplay
  • Authors, writers and screenwriters who need to learn more about screenwriting techniques
  • Established authors and writers who are always hungry to learn how to improve their writing - because a screenplay is a visual medium and writing a story as such will enhance any novel they are writing

What You Will Learn

Book Adaptation To Screenplay Boot Camp will show you:

  • How to capture a script reader or screenwriting judge's attention within the first page of your book adaptation screenplay
  • What to write to engage script readers or screenwriting judges to continue reading
  • How to craft a compelling opening from a character's point of view
  • How to ensure the script reader or screenwriting judge is embedded into the story from the first sentences
  • How to adapt your book from a manuscript format into a scriptwriting format
  • Advice on dos and don't when adapting a book to a screenplay
  • How writing your story in a visual screenplay medium will enhance your story no matter what manuscript, book or novel format you intend to write

Daily Modules

Book Adaptation To Screenplay Boot Camp will show you:

  • The difference between novel & screenwriting
  • How to prepare for your book adaptation
  • Why you have Creative Freedom
  • What is the story essence
  • Why and what to change
  • The 10-page hook
  • Story versus Plot
  • Critical Elements of Screenwriting
  • Techniques to adapt your novels to screenplays
  • How to write poetry on the page
  • What are cardinal sins?
  • How to show internals in a script
  • The elements of screenwriting
  • Understanding Screenwriting Terms
  • What to capitalize in a script
  • How, when and where to introduce characters
  • How to be an expert in character intros
  • Study of 4 Screenwriting Software
  • Paid and Free Versions
  • How to use Screenwriting Software
  • How To Use Your Logline As A North Star
  • What To Do With Your Book Adaptation

Register Your Interest

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  • TikTok Training for Authors
  • Book Marketing for Authors Boot Camp, which covers12 training sessions
  • Character Creation Workshops
  • Book Adaptation Boot Camp

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