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Nigerian sweetheart who started reading books at age 3 and grew with an unquenchable thirst for thriller novels. A good way to relax on weekends is a cold glass of juice, snack and a John Grisham.

Looks like there is good suspense in the air. I can feel it in the title already

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somaginer1996 I didn't even know there was a book for this! Definitely going to read this now, the movie was great :)

Yea!!! John Grisham is here again. Going to grab my hard copy next week

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Pina Colada Is this a legal thriller? I've read one of his books, can't remember the name of it off the top of my head, but seem to recall it was about a high apartment murder with all sorts of oddities and...

Look like it's going to be a fun read. Will order on Barnes and Noble

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As an entrepreneur I want to add this one to my wish list

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angelaanderson startups are no doubt the key to a sustainable economic development. the book points out the key to begin a startup and be successful

Imagine these gruesome treatment of civilians who were imprisoned by Military dictators whom they perceived as threats to their oppressive government, like mixing cements with food and forcing the

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Detailed around the 1967-1970 civil war that threatened Nigeria's unity, this book is a must read for everyone in Africa and around the world.

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soughtout The title "Half of A Yellow Sun" was derived from the symbol of the flag of the agitating Biafran Republic fighting to secede from Nigeria. Sadly enough, the secession cries from Biafra are...

A serial killer is lurking in the dark. Who will bell this cat and save the neighbourhood?

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As you take a stroll down the road, there is a fight between Angels and satanic agents over you. The Angels are watching over you, and preventing the next unforeseen from happening to you.

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soughtout This book has had a serious effect on my personal life. It gets me very conscious and I feel so safe with the knowing that someone is keeping watch over me. Who else shares my experience?
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Pina Colada Is this fantasy?

I read this one when I was 15. My Best Thriller ever. It was so good I read it 4 times. Someone borrowed it and I lost it. I need to get it back to my library.

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soughtout 6 days of great thrilling suspense. I saw myself in the story.
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Paula Wynne I've read lots of Jeffrey Archer but not this one. Will add it to my wish list :)

Things fall apart, and the center cannot hold. The Falcon cannot hear the falconer. Chinua Achebe's Okonkwo is a hero in this African best literary work of art

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soughtout If you've read this one, raise your hand up
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somaginer1996 Half our class read this for English class in high school, and they said it was amazing. I really need to get around to reading all these novels :(
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