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The story focuses on the perilous journey up the Garonne River in Bordeaux. The river is tidal and therefore very dangerous to navigate.

Average: 4.6
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Pandabear.00's picture
Pandabear.00 I like this cover as it portrays age and history which is what the story is about. I think that many World War II enthusiasts would love this story.
Sinlady's picture
Sinlady I think this cover looks back to a world I hope we never have to face again

The main character in the story is a boatbuilder who saves a Jewish girl, who is hunted by the Nazis for carrying a secret treasure.

Average: 4.5
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154 views 4 Likes 8 comments
BobH57's picture
BobH57 Reflects the book synopsis of a lonely girl making the best efforts to get back to where she belongs
Rodrigo's picture
Rodrigo This cover tells you that the book is about a girl, set in France during World War II with German fighter planes in the sky. The other three covers are rather ordinary, lack colour and say very...
Bee Happy's picture
Bee Happy The picture invites me to want to read what is inside.
Linda Bass's picture
Linda Bass this one.
Paula Wynne's picture
Paula Wynne Bart Hopkins says this cover is great.

This cover was inspired by the theme of the river in the book. One of the main characters is in fact the river, which plays a big role in the story.

Average: 5
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62 views 0 Likes 2 comments
Paula Wynne's picture
Paula Wynne Bart Hopkins says this cover is great. He prefers this one because it is brighter.
Paula Wynne's picture
Paula Wynne Reading Luver says: I love this cover as it makes me think of getting lost in that depth of water, but it doesn't say 'world war 2' to me.
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