Summer Reading Hamper Promotion

Summer Reading Hamper Promotion

After a few years of running a Summer Reading Hamper where authors received up to 3000 new subscribers, I will do it again this year at no cost to you.

The audience reach with participating authors is now up to 200K!

Cross Promotion Details

  • Free to enter
  • The entrants will be given a choice of which books they want to win. They can enter to win all the books in the promotion or just select the genres they would like to win
  • Entrants are asked to 'opt-in' to receive more from you so it complies with GDPR data rules.
  • The promotion will be run on Gleam competition software enabling viral sharing to increase reader engagement and entries
  • Check this link to see our giveaways:

Viral Sharing Prizes

To encourage readers to share with their friends the following prizes will be awarded:

  1. First prize will be a Kindle + all the books in the promo
  2. Second prize and third prizes will be all the books in their chosen genre + Amazon vouchers
  3. ONE extra prize will be awarded for the reader who shares the most

I am not asking authors to contribute to these prizes or to the cost of running this on Gleam so we can use their viral sharing- I will pay for them, in return I would like to see proof that you are doing your share in promoting the competition. If you cannot show this proof, you will not get any extra email subscribers, only the winners.

So you are asked to donate 4 eBooks.


You can use these images or wait to be sent the final book bundle image:


The promotion will run from the middle of June and July. All winners will be notified in the first week of August.


You will get a list of the winners at the end of the promotion and you will send them your book. You can do this via a gift on Amazon or BookFunnel or other link. You don't give us the link because YOU send the book to the winners.


  • Free to enter
  • You commit to promote the giveaway in your newsletter within 7 days of the promotion date listed above and again in the last week of the promotion to remind your readers to enter before it closes.
  • You will send a screenshot of your Mailchimp stats (or whichever you use) showing the promo link to prove that you have sent the promotion to your readers
  • We have no way of knowing how many will want to enter for your book, but previous promotions with lots of participating authors have resulted in some genres receiving anything up to 3000 entrants
  • You will receive the email data for the genre you select
  • Book Luver reserves the right to reject any book that does not fit the high quality we expect as we are also including books from high street publishers.

Terms To Participate:
By entering you will be have to agree to this: By checking this box I agree to share the promotion link with my newsletter subscribers.

Your Data:

It is vitally important that you do receive emails while you are included in the promotion. You can read our data policy here:

Entry Form Details

How to complete the form below:

  • The Book Link allows us to download a copy of your book to add to the book bundle image. You have the option to also add your book to the competition page - see below. If you add your book to Book Luver, we will include it on the giveaways page. If you don't your book will be only included in a 'book bundle image' with all the books in the competition.
  • The number of books you will giveaway.
  • The number of subscribers is how many readers you have on your mailing list.
  • See this image of how your book will look in the promo with the 2 x options.

OPTIONAL: Add your book to Book Luver:

  • By adding your book more readers will see the exact details, the cover and book description - this is not a requirement but it will give your book more visibility. You can also add a sentence offering a reader magnet.
  • Add your book to the site by logging in, on the dashboard you will see a red button with + Add.
  • It's easy! You add your book's image, the description, your genre and choose a 'board' and hit save.
  • See how 'boards' work and look on my profile. Of course, you can add as many boards as you want or just one to add your promotion book. As the owner of the site I have lots of boards so don't be put off!
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the first sentence is the most compelling as that shows under your book image before the reader clicks on your book cover to enter.
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure your image is only 200 to 300 pixels. If you upload an image any bigger it will take up most of the page. This is for YOUR benefit, because there is a chance the reader will only see your image and not the text below where we will add the enter button. So - with a huge image taking the whole page, they will not see how to enter to win your book.
  • If you entered the Summer promotion, please enter a different book in the Christmas giveaway.
  • You add the link of your book on Book Luver to the form below and we will add that book to the promotion. Then complete the form below.
  • Here is a HELP LINK.


Contacting You



Please add my email address to your email supplier to be sure you get noticified with all the promotion details. If you don't get the email it may be sitting in your junkbox and then you will be removed from the promotion due to you not knowing the details and thus not doing the send mentioned above.

This is vitally important, I don't have time to chase after authors who do not do this. No reply from you means you are removed. Sorry! Take the time now to add the email and then you will get details from me.

Final promotion details will be sent to you along with a bundle of images you can use.


By checking this box, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Data Use Policy, including our Cookie Use, and that you will share the promotional link with your newsletter subscribers as described in the Terms of the promotion.

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