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Your Cat In A Book

Imagine your cat as a character in a novel. And a lasting momento of them in your home and in your life. Well, it could become reality.

Paula Wynne is inviting readers who adore their cats to name and describe their feline character to win a spot in her next thriller. The main character has cats and Paula would like to see why your cat is so special it just needs to win a place in the novel.

The winning cat will become a character and their name and personality will be shown in the story where the main character loves her cats and talks to them.

Their personality will be featured and how they bond with their owner ...err, their fictional owner. So please do mention any of their quirks, funny things they do and even their silliness.

No cats will be harmed in this story!


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Cleo would be great in this story. Cleo is adventurous but like her name can sometimes be a bit diva-esque. She will for instance throw herself onto her side in your walking path to try to instantly get pet. When she wants to go inside she will meow and to bad for you if your trying to finish your coffee or whatever first, she will nip your toes or achilles tendon. She often acts more like a dog than a cat. She is great at juggling both her prey that she has brought to the porch and herself. The prey flies into the air, while simultaneously she flies into the air doing a flip catching they prey in her mouth before landing. This is what makes Cleo a good character as well as a bit of a brat.
Bonnie Freebern (not verified)
Tigger, my tabby, she was very sweet and would follow Piglet, my Maine Coon, (both females) as she went hunting for bugs, mice, or especially bats. I hate bats! Once I came home from a vacation and heard strange noises from the bathroom. Walking in there, I found Piglet in the tub with a bat - every time it tried to climb up the side of the tub, she would hit it back down to the bottom. After that is when I found out that bats don't really fly, they have to be off the ground, and let go from there. So Piglet saved me by keeping the bat from flying! She was my hero! and Tigger was there, outside of the tub. She was either taking notes or just giving moral support!
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Paula Wynne
Thanks for the comments, but make sure you have entered those details via the 'Enter Now' link otherwise I won't see it when it comes to choosing the winning cats!
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