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A Woman of Valor by Gary Corbin

For Valorie Dawes, #metoo means it’s time to #fightback.

In this exciting, character-driven police procedural by acclaimed author Gary Corbin, rookie policewoman Valorie Dawes has a mission: take serial child molesters like Richard Harkins off the streets of her small hometown of Clayton, CT—for good.

But Valorie's past includes childhood abuse trauma of her own, and her battle with this cunning, vicious criminal awakens memories and emotions she'd rather forget. Battling sexism within the department and vilification in the media as a reckless incompetent, Val finds few allies in the pursuit of this elusive, cruel criminal, even as he continues to victimize women and girls in the community.

Can Valorie overcome the trauma she suffered as a child and stop Harkins from hurting others—or will her bottled-up anger lead her to take reckless risks that put the people she loves in greater danger?

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In Search of Valor by Gary Corbin
A Woman of Valor by Gary Corbin
Lying in Vengeance (Lying Injustice Thrillers Book 2) - Kindle edition by Gary Corbin. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
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A Woman of Valor

A Woman of Valor by Gary Corbin
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