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Paula Wynne

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Win A Summer Reading Hamper
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Rebecca Booth
Thanks for the chance!
Chatterlady's picture
Thank you
Crystine's picture
Thanks for the chance.
Witchy Woman's picture
Witchy Woman
I just subscribed! Book luver’s getting us in the holiday spirit.
Jean's picture
What a lovely way to start the holidays! Thank you for the opportunity!
suzgiorgione's picture
Thank you for the chance!
Tashia1975's picture
Thank you for this wonderful chance!
Carmen G (not verified)
Thanks for the chance.
Mary Northover (not verified)
Would love to win.I enjoy reading . Thank you
Mary Northover (not verified)
I enjoy reading, would love to win thanks for the chance
Dale Savoie (not verified)
Would love to win
Grace Henley (not verified)
Thanks so much for the Chance!
Cercis80's picture
I’d love to win, especially all those wonderful books, so my summer would be full of good reading and sharing the winnings with my reader friends.
Patricia M. Bar... (not verified)
What a lovely giveaway. It makes for a lovely way to spend some time this summer. I hope those in the U. S. qualify.
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Paula Wynne
Yes, Patricia, the prizes are for our global readers.
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What a fantastic giveaway, my summer reading would be sorted.
Nancy Perlman (not verified)
What a lovely prize!!! Any time you get multiple books it's great - and the other extras are special!
Mary Burn (not verified)
Would love to win this for my daughter. She is always looking for things to do and reading would be a great hobby.
Linda Hillard (not verified)
Looking forward to reading more books this summer.
Grace Henley (not verified)
Wonderful Giveaway! Thanks for the Chance!
teddi1961's picture
Great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!
Sam Johnson (not verified)
Going to be laid up for a while after major surgery, will be a great help to while away the lonely hours of recuperation
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