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This cute Christmassy boy was entered by Dianne Arsenault who is one of the winners of the Christmas Photo Makeover Competition.Click the image above to see if you are one of our winners.

Any photograph you want enhanced into a Christmas theme can be ordered, with a choice of Christmas themed borders around you and your loved ones from only £10.

  1. Simply click the button below, make your payment and complete the details below, with an upload of your image.
  2. Kent Wynne will take your image and sprinkle a little magic onto it with some glitter and sparklers around the border of your photograph.
  3. Then he will send it back to you so you can share it with your friends and family.

Special Offer

1 Christmas border edited onto 1 photograph = £10.00

3 Christmas borders edited onto 1 photograph = £19.99 (this is the example photo above)

If you would like to take up this special offer, simply fill by clicking the 'special offer button' below.

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