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Uncommon Courage, by Andrea T Edwards

This workbook is designed to accompany you through your exploration of the ideas in Uncommon Courage: An Invitation, by Andrea T Edwards.

“If you have finished the book, congratulations! I really hope you enjoyed it and that it is helpful in your life. I created this workbook as an additional support tool. I’ve broken down the big ideas, key points, and actions in the book for you to understand, self-evaluate, and set yourself up for a life of uncommon courage.

This workbook is a space to help you reflect, so keep it close and read your reflections often. Use as a tool to help you stick with ideas or new ways of thinking so that life doesn’t get in the way. When you commit to this process of reflection, it will help you move towards the person you were created to be—a kind, gentle, heart-driven person, with purpose beating from your soul!”

It's also available as a free download on https://uncommon-courage.com/book/

--Andrea T Edwards, CSP

In this book, you can explore and grow through will 58 interlinking activities to shift your thinking, improve your mood, and lighten your heart. It also gives you access to online checklists, more space for reflection, and other support tools. Some of the activities are reflective, while others may lovingly push a button or two. Living a full life takes courage and this book is designed to help you build yours.

Reactions from early readers:

“I challenge you to come away from this workbook without being changed in how you see yourself and the world around you. Accept Andrea's invitation to find your own truth to guide you forward.”
— Tanvi Gautam, author, The Spark Lies Within: And other secrets of women leading inspired and authentic lives

"This book brings you practical everyday actions for a better life, more courage and personal development. Use it."
— Dr. Frank Hagenow, CSP, psychologist, author, Leadership Without Mind Games

“If you're feeling stuck, grab this book, dig deep, do the work and go be magnificent!"
— Sha En Yeo, the Happiness Scientist

Andrea T Edwards CSP, the Digital Conversationalist, is an award-winning B2B communications professional with over 20 years’ experience. Andrea speaks on social leadership and integrity in the digital age to professionals around the world. Her travels currently have her living on an island with her husband, two sons, a dog, and two neurotic cats.

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Uncommon Courage, by Andrea T Edwards
Uncommon Courage, by Andrea T Edwards
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