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The Torcal Trilogy Full Boxset


Readers say The Torcal Trilogy is for fans of Dan Brown and Kate Mosse. The full boxset series is now on Amazon for a special offer price of 4.99. It is fast-paced with vivid settings and nail-biting suspense. The Torcal Trilogy series blends fact and fiction, woven between modern day and a medieval setting so vivid that reviewers have said they feel as if they are right there with the characters.


Are you a fan of Historical Conspiracy Thrillers?

You will receive the complete books:

1. The Grotto's Secret

Winner of THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE ~ Best Fiction 2017! Castile de Granada, 1492: Risking her life, Spanish author Ana-María de Carbonela vowed to keep an unknown yet powerful healing herb’s location hidden. It remained a secret … Until now. In the modern setting it's a race against a conspiracy who want the mysterious herb’s power.

2. The Sacred Symbol

Disguised as a man, Ana-María de Carbonela is on the run from the queen’s soldiers who tortured and killed her mother. She overhears Columbus' sailors preparing a mutiny, but before she can warn him, and convince him to write a journal detailing his privileges from Queen Isabella, she is captured. In the modern setting, the race is on. From Genoa to a remote island off Scotland, Nina Monterossa must find the original Book of Privileges in time to save her kidnapped sister. In doing so, will she discover the secrets Columbus kept hidden from the world?

3. The Luna Legacy

In 1492, masquerading as Cristóbal Colon’s trusted envoy, Ana-María de Carbonela is in a dangerous predicament. Living as a man and pregnant with Christopher Columbus’s child, she is given a secret mission by Queen Isabella to find and protect an ancient secret. But Ana-Maria is not alone in searching for this secret. Will she be able to stand up to the might of the leaders of Aragón and their powerful hidden agents? Or will this ancient secret fall into dangerous hands? In the present day, Nina Monterossa races across Europe to help Skye Coventina find out the truth about her father’s strange death, linked to the mysterious birthmark Nina and Skye’s father share. After discovering she is the last Luna, Nina is hunted from rural Spain to Cork and across Egypt by a man who will do anything to get his hands on an ancient and powerful Luna relic. Can she save the world’s heritage - The Luna Legacy?

It all starts with ELIXA - the prequel to The Torcal Trilogy.

Strap in for a page-turning historical journey and grab your copy today!

The Torcal Trilogy

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