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The MANIPULATOR projects a wonderful personality to entice someone into his life.
Once he/she succeeds, true colours show with lies, broken promises, and attempts to control and run the person’s life.
Manipulators only care about themselves and what others think about them.
Whether online or offline, such manipulators are present in the world.
In this book, you will read of an online situation where Manipulator Stan Stoic, a banker. and Joanna Marsh, a part-time nurse started off as best friends.
Joanna was like his right hand, but Stan had a Jekyll and Hyde personality.
Stan’s urge to manipulate led to serious problems.
Would Joanna be ever able to break free from Stan’s clutches?
In the second story, you will learn about the hardships experienced by a manipulator's wife.
Did Jerry really try to poison Brigitte?
This book contains valuable advice for many in such situations, as well as poems for poetry readers.
Read this psychological thriller to find out more.

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