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The fall of humanity is just the beginning of their story...

Tales from the Apocalypse features four suspense-filled, character-driven, post-apocalyptic short stories.

Vicky is happily minding her own business surviving the apocalypse when ruthless brigands capture her. Forced to fight for sport, she's pitted against an unimaginable foe. Can she survive the horrors of the pit?

Lycan Advent
Blaire lives a life no ordinary girl should have to. In a world where humanity clings to its last bastions of hope, she ekes out a meager existence in the wild, aided by Kyle, her first and only love. Together, they fight a daily battle for survival while hiding in fear from the Lycans that stalk the night. When darkness falls, tragedy strikes.

Primal Hunt
For young Una, every hour of every day is a living hell. Imprisoned by the sinister Dr. Trimell, she's forced to undergo torturous experiments in an effort to activate her latent mutant DNA and create the ultimate killing machine. Deemed a failure, she's declared obsolete and fated to die.

A Toast to Death
Trapped inside a local bar by the undead, Ryleigh and her fellow bachelorettes are drinking their sorrows away. But when the food runs out, they are faced with the inevitable. Fight or starve.

For all Post-Apocalyptic and Zompoc fans comes this fun collection of post-apocalyptic short stories guaranteed to keep you up long past your bedtime.

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Death's Children - The Complete Collection
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Death's Children - The Complete Collection
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