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I love the Octavia Butler vibe of Slaves of Heaven. The storyline is distinctly Naleighna Kai and uniquely original."—Crystal Hubbard, National Bestselling Author

The Heaven Project starts with these words, “If we have to kill all of the men to take the women, so be it.”

Gabriel Chamberlain’s dynamic plan to overcome issues that plague the world by creating a society ruled by a stronger class of women, is met with deadly resistance. His hand-chosen people are forced to begin the perfect life within The Heaven Project in a secluded location. Then a fatal action by one of his wives changes the plan altogether, plunging The Heaven Project into the very darkness they were striving to escape.

Twenty-five years later, jealousy between Gabriel’s sons, David and Robert, leads to a tragic series of events that will unravel the peaceful fabric of Heaven life. Robert purposely seduces one of David’s concubines, and the brothers square off in a battle of wills that sets the stage for The Heaven Project’s complete downfall. When Robert exacts his revenge by killing all Heaven men who oppose him and capturing the women for his own sordid purposes, David scatters his wife and concubines to the four corners of the United States to keep them safe.

Time passes, and a woman known simply as Mari Sheldon, is living a reclusive life in Chicago. But that changes the day Chase Caswell, a bad boy with a troubled past, walks into her life. The inexplicable attraction between them is enough to bring Mari out of her shell and makes her willing to take a chance on love. Unfortunately, Mari is kidnapped by someone looking to get their hands on a hidden fortune as well as the rest of Mari's sisters who hold the keys to unlock the past and a more promising future. Chase is forced to travel to several continents to uncover his own family secrets and rescue the woman he loves. He finally teams up with a small band of rebels to launch a vicious attack, hoping to free the imprisoned women and children while restoring The Heaven Project to its original purpose.


“This book will bring Naleighna Kai a new following, but this is a good time for it because I believe readers want more, they want different, and are hungry for it. We are tired of the same old predictable stories. All Naleighna Kai books push the button, but this one pushes many and jumps right out the box. Feels like I’m reading a science fiction version of the bible. I can feel a little of Yoruba in this story, Christianity with a twist—mainly things from the Lost books of the bible. This one will bring a different audience. One that many African American authors aren't reaching today—outside of Tananarive Due, Octavia Butler, Brandon Massey, and Lynn Emery. Are readers ready for it? I believe, yes we are!”– Missy, Readers Paradise Book Club

“Using a historical climate as a backdrop, Slaves of Heaven takes the reader on a journey of love, conflict, jealousy and power—who has it, who wants it, and why people give it away. This wonderfully written story explores the intricate and complex nuances of relationships and the sacrifices of launching a movement that elevates women in a society from that of subservient and insignificant to leadership and power. Slaves of Heaven spans across several time periods telling the journey of women, pulling the reader in like an undercurrent submerging you in a world of suspense, intrigue, and mind-blowing revelations.”—Priscilla Jackson

“This book is different from anything I have ever read before, and I am an avid reader of all genres. This story that explores the depth of race, gender, religion, and societal expectations; as well as those who attempt to keep an underclass of people in poverty in order to maintain control.” –Debra Mitchell, BW/w Opinions & Attitudes

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