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Our law enforcement four legged friends only ask for love. For us they face any danger out of trust and loyalty. They too have stories.....

Emma Calin's latest steamy suspense romance  features widowed female police officer, Helen Marx and her loyal team-mate, Lanza a specialist German Shepherd explosive detection and patrol dog.

When Lanza takes a terrorist bullet and lies fighting for life, Marco Ambastilias comes to her side. Could his caring soul be for real? A spark becomes a fire as she learns his background as an opera star who abandoned the stage to care for his wayward child. Dare she commit into his life? Can she overcome her guilt at loving another man? Will Lanza ever walk at her side again?

Love and passion thread their unstoppable path through the terrorist-haunted streets of London. Maybe only love and loyalty have the power to defeat evil.

Another stand alone full length police romance novel in the Seduction Series featuring another sassy female cop. Read this novel as a prequel to the rest of the series and an introduction to many of the police characters who feature in the other stories.

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