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Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains disturbing scenes

Phillip Bowman was married, no question of that. But was his wife the devoted little housewife that she made out to be? Phillip knew the answer as he stood on the edge on the pedestrian crossing. His back was only just healing from the barbell weight she had thrown at him last week. The traffic surged past at speed creating dust and blowing his hair and clothes with the dissipated air. He was at the front and could feel the vibrations through his feet. Something in the back of his mind was talking to him, a voice he didn’t like or recognise.

How much more are you going to take? How many more bruises? How many more punches? Just step out now, into the moving traffic, look here comes a big truck. DO IT NOW!

Phillip began to move…

Jennifer grabbed Phillip by the lapels and pulled him forward. He lost his balance and fell forward into the kitchen, struggling to get up, he heard Jennifer mumbling and searching in a drawer. The room fell silent as steel made contact with skin and then bone. Blood flowed down Phil’s face. Nobody yelled CUT! This was not a dramatic scene being filmed for a soap opera, or a Hollywood movie. This was real life. It was as dramatic as it gets. For Phillip Martin Bowman this was his life. He worked hard, to put money on the table and food in their bellies. But Phillip was trapped in a downward spiral, his world was shrinking as Jennifer tightened her grip on his life. He saw no future, he wasn’t sure if he had a past, one thing was for certain, he would need to end this miserable life.

Although this book is a work of fiction it is loosely based on The Silence – a novel by A.P. Robinson that will never see the light of day.

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