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Gaby McCray is two women. One of them is a psychopath.

'You're a Behemoth," the Director of ETHOS tells her. 'A sleeping beast... In other words, a psychopath who can switch their mania off and on at will. But you're not alone, and one day, they'll come for you - all the other Behemoth...'

Gaby is horrified - yet she can't deny it now she knows what lead to her father's death all those years ago. She can protect herself and her child though, and that's exactly what she intends doing.

When the other 'Behemoth' come looking for her she decides to fight them, intending to dismantle the murderous organisation her father set up, but fate has other plans for her, and other truths to reveal.

A race across Paris to evade an enemy she can't decide whether to hate or love brings her to the final revelation that awaits her - the worst revelation of all.

It takes a beast to tame a beast, they say, but for Gaby the beasts might also be the very people she's trying to protect...

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