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The only way for Gaby to save herself is to play the deadliest game of all.

Smart, successful but secretive, Gaby McCray's famous father inexplicably killed himself when she was just a child. She even became a a pyschologist to try to understand why, but never could.

Until she joined ETHOS.

At ETHOS, her first two clients startlingly both claim to know what she doesn't but their knowledge comes with a heavy price tag attached. The psychologist must become the psychotic - their psychotic - and the old Gaby must die for the new Gaby to survive. How? Her instructions follow soon after.

As Gaby gets drawn into their dangerous world of conspiracy and power-play, she also begins to fall deeply in love with one of them and that complicates things even more. She knows she must stop, but the more she plays their mind games, the more they tell her. And the more they tell her, the more she needs to know as she comes to realise that locked deep within her there’s a secret that explains everything about that fateful day her father put a bullet in his brain.

A very dangerous secret...

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