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The Martian Chronicles tells the tale of humans in the distant future (of 2030; the collection was written in 1950), and how they flee Earth, which is falling into chaos and conflict, for Mars, setting up there instead. In the process, however, they must reckon with the Martians native to the planet, and the loss of their own home planet.
This book technically falls into the category of science fiction, but it's very soft sci-fi. I found it almost closer to fantasy in many ways. Not that that's a bad thing; rather than focusing on the technological improvements that have made this future society what it is, Ray Bradbury zeros in on the moral repercussions, and how humans deal with the aftermath of their own violent tendencies. It's a beautifully written collection of loosely interconnected short stories, each with prose more reminiscent of poetry, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone, especially those who love science fiction but more the moral implications of future advancements than their tech-y aspects :)

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I enjoyed it, anyway :)
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