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Every politician has a plan until the demon comes.

An atmospheric thriller that weaves climate change into a story about outcast government agents tracking a mysterious political assassin akin to an urban legend.

When a Secret Service operation in 2044 Tokyo goes wrong, a United States Counter Assault Agent finds her career in jeopardy. To get her life back, she partners with a fellow operative and scapegoat from Japan for a covert Presidential mission.

Soon after, strange attacks on politicians compel them down a twisted trail to the Shenandoah Forest as they hunt a monstrosity born from indigenous legends. Nicknamed 'The Demon' by locals, they must discern fairytale from foe before another assault.

Global threats brewing in the Virginia mountains may alter warfare forever unless they outlive their search and what they discover.

★★★★★"An atmospheric thriller that uses a unique idea rarely explored in fiction... urban legends... recommended for anyone looking for a thriller with a brilliant storyline."
- Reader's Favorite

★★★★★"Hidden Demon has readers questioning everything in this exciting action-adventure novel. Fans of complex but well conceived plots that come together in entertaining ways will have plenty to enjoy in this slick thriller."
- Literary Titan

★★★★☆"With a resolution marked by righteous anger, the thriller Hidden Demon weaves climate change commentary into its story of a mysterious assassin."
- Foreword Clarion Reviews

★★★★★"An amazing political thriller with just enough mythology to make things really interesting... an exhilarating contemporary must-read!"
- NetGalley Reviewer

★★★★☆"I enjoyed the twists and turns of this Sci-Fi thriller that covers Japan and the countryside of Southern US. It's close enough to reality to scare a person."
- NetGalley Reviewer

"Hidden Demon is an imaginative and creative book... a commentary on equality, tolerance, and other issues that are relevant and current to the society we live in... a very human story of survival and the hope that propels people to stand up every time they fall."
- The Book Review Directory

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Hidden Demon Cover Image
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Hidden Demon Cover Image
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